YouContent – Unlimited Unique Content Generator from Youtube Captions

YouContent is a great tool to generate unlimited Youtube captions (CC) with different languages. This wordpress plugin is super fast so you will love it when use it. You can get unlimited unique contents to boost your SEO score, write reviews, sell content and many more you can imagine.

How this plugin actually works

This WordPress plugin is very powerful tool that using an external API which is built on Python. Python tool goes to Youtube using video id and check if the video has Captions CC, if yes then it scrapes all the captions and remove timestamps, join all words line by line and returns raw text.

What I have learned
  • Using Python library from github repo.
  • Making REST API using Python.
  • Deploying Python script on Heroku.
  • Fetching API data directly inside WordPress post editor (classic editor) via GET request.

Note: This plugin is no longer maintained. I don’t have the source code as well.